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Work Examples

Below we have outlined styles of work our team has created and captured that we believe can be an example of what can be done for the D4DI&S Learning Hub in longer form content.

Above is a healthcare educational video project we did for 'HCA HealthCare', capturing both emotion and information and displaying it in an engaging reachable manner. 

[healthcare ]

[national marketing]

The 'HCA Healthcare' Hero Commercial set out to emotionally captivate a wide range of audiences and demographics, both from a share holder perspective to an onward looking client or employee. The end result did just that.

Addtional Video Examples

The examples below are past projects and contain visual examples of how we can elevate your production to new heights.  From our global marketing campaigns to our awareness of how to effectively communicate to an audience.

The below work acts as an example of what is possible. 

  Our Clients.  

This global campaign for Sharpie has a great mix between energy and professionalism that we would like to continue with your project. 

[captivating ]

The National Mississippi state Commercial displays engaging copy at a high level that converted extremely well, we believe this caliber will translate well for the D4DI&S Learning Hub.


These interviews are captured as a part of a larger 4- part digital campaign for two of our clients. These videos display a good emotional combination of education and information done cinematically but in the corporate environment .. 


 [ visual fx ] 

Captivating the tv audience on the world stage during the 2022 World Cup is no easy feat. Our VFX team did that for the Peacock Network. If needed we can elevate your project similarly.

These videos were highly produced animated informative projects, for 'Political Bank' & 'Katz Sapper Miller Consulting'. We feel if animations, scripting, and information is needed to be displayed in a manner that resonates. These are strong examples of work we have done in the past that could be utilized in this project.  


In 2019 we were tasked by Google to conceptualize what the future of AI from a video stand point might look like in the digital landscape. This video is what we created to display to the CEO of Google AI and their team to help illustrate the future possibilities and gain funding for further development.  


[long form]

Capturing educational or emotional  content that lasts beyond the 30min mark has its challenges with engagement. With our experience producing and creating different long form content for Amazon, Disney and others; we will take this experience into your project. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 8.51.38 AM.png

  Our Team.  

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